Badge can be lost, apparently

The badge for completing a track can be lost, apparently, if another exercise is added.

But we might want to have another badge for “Moving Target” if an exercise is added, and then something else if you complete the track again “Beyond the finish line” or something similar.


‘Moving Target’ is a great name for a badge! Love it.

Why do you think this?

Student completed the track, we added a new exercise, track is no longer completed, they reported the badge was gone. I, obviously, do not have access to personally verify, but no reason to doubt that they do not see the badge.

I don’t think they’ll lose the badge unless they restart the track. If the student wants to message here on the forum, I can check for them.

I forwarded this e-mail to them, hopefully they drop in here.

I got an answer back.

I never got the badge because of my Schrodinger’s Exercise.
There was an issue opened on that; it was assigned, but I don’t think it
was ever cleared.

OK, so then I don’t believe this is a valid bug, so I’ll close it :slight_smile: