Bash: Problem with the update of the word-count exercise

I was failing one of the tests for this exercise. My son, who’s mentoring me through Bash, found that the test represemted ‘\n’ as plain text instead of as a return, so my code misinterpreted it. He reported this, and there’s bee an instant fix–but it comes with an easy button to push to get the updated version – which I immediately pushed without reading any instructions it might have included – so now the test works on my online version, but my home version knows nothing about this. If I upload it anew, it reverts to a .bats file with only one test not skipped. Were there further instructions that I missed?

Once you update the exercise version online, you can repeat the exercism download command to fetch a new version of the exercise.

You may need to add the --force option, and you will likely need to unskip the skipped tests that you had already done.