Being able to access "Community Solutions" without passing unit tests or marking as Complete

Hi Exercism Devs!

I think we may have stumbled upon a bug.

I am working on the Sublist exercise in the Python track. I am being supported by a mentor. I have submited 4 iterations. None of them pass all the unit tests/assertions. Yet as you can see in the screenshot below, it says: “Exercise Solved” (which it has not). You can see that it shows “Failed” in red. I have not marked the exercise as “Complete” but I am still able to descend down into: “Dig Deeper” and “Community Solutions”. So something might be off slightly or may need adjusting.


Well, you are allowed to complete an exercise that is still failing the tests. This is important as some track/exercise combination will probably never pass the test (e.g. them taking too long). I can see why the wording might seem odd, but this is by design.

No this is how it works. Once you’ve submitted an iteration, you’re able to see the community solutions and dig deeper section.

The logic for this is that if you can’t get the tests to pass, you might actively want to go and look at the community solutions to work it out btw :slight_smile: