Beware of the new test result UI

I am working on upgrading the tooling that produces the test results output on the website to the lastest version (version 3). It has a very nice UI that links the test results to their respective task in the instructions etc.

During the testing, I found the following issue: Version 3 format does not work well when not all tests are executed · Issue #94 · exercism/go-test-runner · GitHub

I disabled the new output format again until I fixed the issue but if you started the exercise while the new version was enabled, you might still see it. You can complete the exercise as normal. Just ignore the top bar with the numbers of tasks solved.



The issue is resolved and I have enabled the new UI for the following exercises.

  • Lasagna
  • Cars assebmle
  • Annalyns Infiltration
  • Welcome to tech palace

I will let the new feature “soak” for a bit for the listed exercises to see whether there are any more issues. After that, I will enable the new UI for the remaining concept exercises.

Sidenote: As a nice goody of resolving the issue, the test runner now lists all parent tests in the test output, even when the test was not run because of an earlier panic.