Bird-watcher: Add test case for a week in the end of the log

The test cases provided in the exercise for the BirdsInWeek function only cover the first week and a week in the middle of the log. An edge case for a week in the end of the log is missing.

Could you explain why a week at the end would need different logic from a week in the middle?

Hey Isaac, it won’t need a logic change because the logic is just using the start and end index to iterate through different weeks within the log. I thought it would just be a good edge case in case one’s logic only covers week 1 and 2.

We could add a test for week 3, but then someone’s logic might only cover weeks 1, 2 and 3. Then we’d want a week 4?

If there is no reason to expect week 2 logic to different from any other week, then the test wouldn’t be expected to cover any additional behavior. Tests generally should be added to cover specific behaviors that aren’t covered by existing cases.

Got it! thank you for checking up on this!