Black_jack Value of Ace misunderstanding


I am getting this error :slight_smile: FAILED - AssertionError: 11 != 1 : Expected 1 as the value of an ace card when the hand has (‘Q’, ‘A’).

And I am confused but the assertion. We have a queen (Value = 10) the Ace should worth 11 and it is telling me the opposite !
Thanks for any help

The exercise reads (bold by me):

Define the value_of_ace(<card_one>, <card_two>) function with parameters card_one and card_two , which are a pair of cards already in the hand before getting an ace card. Your function will have to decide if the upcoming ace will get a value of 1 or a value of 11, and return that value.

Does the bolded text answer your question?

Yes, I did not realize it was for this case.
Thanks a lot for pointing this to me.