- 12in23 kickoff!

Today I published my first mental kickoff for the #12in23 challenge!

I will also tag follow ups appropriately such that they can be found under the #12in23-tag on my blog, though that page is currently hard to browse as something broke the styling and I need to fix that over the upcomming days :smiley:

PS: @jonathanmiddleton I would like to tag this post using the #12in23 tag, though it doesn’t seem to exist yet, and I do not have the permissions to create it.

PPS: Shall I post future announcements in this thread, or in a new thread within the corresponding languages sub forum?


Nice! This is very cool. Common Lisp feels like a great starting point. It’s on my list for the year too!

Good catch. I’ve added it! (Jonathan’s off this week :slight_smile:)

I’d say probably nice to keep this thread up to date, but then post individual threads for the different language explorations. Think of this as a meta thread for yourself?

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I really like the post documenting the decisions you took, the rules you made for yourself, and your approach to the challenge. While making my plan for the year, I also found myself creating these mini-rules for myself and it’s great to see another take on it.

I might steal the blog idea thing. I have a personal website that has support for a blog but never actually used the blog part of it. This challenge might be a good opportunity to kickstart it, and the nature of the challenge will encourage me to do a post a month at least.


Feel free to keep sharing links to blog posts here :slightly_smiling_face:

Re Swift: it’s not just for Mac. Thanks to RemObjects, whose port of it is called Silver, it should be available on Linux, if that’s your preference. I played with it in Visual Studio year ago, and it wasn’t bad.


Thanks for letting me know. I might check it then, though not necessarily as part of the #12in23.

Months are already flying too fast :joy:

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Should that be added to our Swift track documentation then? They currently point to the official installation directions including Linux at - Getting Started which worked for me at the time, but it’d be good to have multiple options.

Swift aka Silver was free to use with .Net Visual Studio on Windows years ago, and I think it still is. Not sure about the other platforms.