Bowling and Nullability

I just completed the C# bowling exercise. This exercise is listed under Nullability. The only variable listed as nullable was the return value for Score (int?). I completed my exercise and didn’t have a need to use null in score. I looked at 3 of the pros examples and they don’t seem to use it. None of the tests check for nullability. If a game didn’t start or complete, we returned ArgumentException error. Did I fail to follow the instructions?

I’ve checked this and I think this should indeed be improved. None of the tests check for null to be returned for score, instead everything is done via exceptions. Would you be interested in creating a PR to fix this?

I’ve searched the forum and I can’t find the instructions for submitting a Pull Request.

Contributors Pull Request Guide

More related docs in the same section on the website. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! I’m horribly confused about submitting Pull Requests. I go to GitHub and I’m unable to submit a PR. I read a whole bunch of text and one of the methods is to link PR to an issue. I submit an issue and I’m told that all issues submitted on GitHub Exercism are automatically closed. Instructions say click here to submit PR on Exercism Forum. in reading the text earlier it said I need write permissions. Is this true and how do I get permissions. Help.

I think the permissions are only to prevent it from auto-closing.

You should be able to submit a PR, which is successful, even if it is automatically closed.

If you were told to do so from the forum, then link to the forum discussion to document that it is pre-approved.

Link from the form to the PR (pull request) created as well to complete the loop.

As far as issues go, issues are generally started on the forums rather than on github. This may be the confusion, depending on what your teams (if any) practices are. Exercism is a bit different in the workflow for many tracks.

For our purposes, this is the issue request that seems to have been opened instead of a pull request.

There is a prior attempt as well here for an issue being created (and it was successful, just closed).