Broken link in about section

There is a broken link in the About Wren section for the Wren track. Specifically the second Wren Console link.

For Exercism purposes the host application we’ll be using is Wren Console

As show in the quote, the link points to[wren-console] whilst the previous Wren Console link in the document points to

Clicking on the latter link freezes the browser for me but entering it in the address bar leads to a 404.

Would a quick PR for a fix be OK or should we leave it for now?

Hey @thinkverse - thanks for flagging.

If you want to open a PR and paste it below then we can take a look.

When you add the PR link, please ping @ErikSchierboom to approve it!


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The fix was very simple, the issue was some parentheses around a link reference. :+1:

Should I ping Erik here or in the PR btw?

Both is probably good. Thanks :slight_smile:

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