Broken link in mentoring guidance

I’ve just a minor problem to report.

While mentoring ISBN Verifier exercise on Python track I’ve noticed that a link to enumerate() function is broken.

Looks like a typo in markdown syntax.

BTW Where are these mentoring guidances are stored? I’ve tried to find it in GitHub - exercism/python: Exercism exercises in Python. repo but it seems like it’s not there.

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These are a tad obscure since they are mentor notes. They are actually located in the website copy repo. :smile:

Oh, I’ve searched in exercism/python and exercism/website.

@kirillmorozov, if you’ve working on a PR, please post it here.

Otherwise, I’ve opened a PR (again, if you’re working, I wouldn’t want to take the credit from you: do post it here).

While you’re at it, maybe change “becuase” to “because”. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have opened a PR.

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