Broken Link in Secret Handshake instructions

Noticed it in the Go track, same problem appears in Java, C# and likely other places Secret Handshake is implemented.

The file has a Note at the end that displays some text in square brackets instead of linking out to the referenced site.
“If you aren’t sure what binary is or how it works, check out [this binary tutorial][intro-to-binary]. [intro-to-binary]: Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary | by Vaidehi Joshi | basecs | Medium
(Curiously, the link above actually links out here, unlike the Exercism site)
Secret Handshake in Go on Exercism

I’m up for fixing this but am not sure if the fix it to repair the various files in each track or if they are all pulling that text from one common source.

Exercise spec

The issue here is that Markdown does some tricky things with links inside “blocks” like ~~~~exercism/note. This looks right to me … which mostly just means I don’t recall offhand what the right syntax is for this. But you may be able to find that in another note block on another exercise.

Then again, the Go file looks like it’s missing a blank space, so maybe that was the issue and it was already fixed in the problem spec repo (thanks Katrina) but not yet synced to various tracks. In that case, this would be fixed on the next sync to those tracks.

Some tracks do periodic syncs across all exercises to batch this work (both creating and reviewing the PRs).

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Thanks for the details. I noticed this back as part of Mechanical March, maybe before Katrina’s fix.

The Java file has that same missing blank that would be handled by Katrina’s fix.

I’ll put a reminder to myself to check back later and see if it’s been resolved.

The Go repo is usually open to this class of PRs (@junedev)

I see @SleeplessByte helps approve Java PRs.

I believe @ErikSchierboom is maintaining C#.

Would it make sense for sync PRs to be generated automatically on a schedule? Say, monthly when more than N lines have changed?