Bug at php/Windowing System

There is an issue with the windowing system exercise.

I just completed 2 tasks and after that, I ran it successfully.

My last class Position.php is even blank but it asking me to submit an exercise.

(cc @neenjaw)

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@fejan11 Can you post your code here? Please copy and paste the text and use a code block, e.g. with this icon:

I will then try to understand what is happening in our test runner.

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ProgramWindo.php It is incomplete as per the instruction from excersie.


class ProgramWindow
    public $x;
    public $y;
    public $width = 800;
    public $height = 600;

    public function resize(int $size){
        return false;



class Size {

    public $height;
    public $width;
    public function _construct(int $height, int $width){
        $this->height = $height;
        $this->width = $width;

$window = new ProgramWindow();
$size = new Size(764, 1080);

Position.php Which is completely blank as I am telling that I just completed 2 instruction and running program and it let me to submit my iteration.


Hope this is helps to debug the bug.

@fejan11 Thanks for posting your code. I have no solution, yet. But now I have the same result as you had. Iā€™m debuggingā€¦

Thank you for taking action

@fejan11 The fix is online. Happy coding!

I will check this in my free time and let you know thanks for quick fix this issue.