Bug in golang / kindergarten_garden

Details here: Bug: instructions for kindergarten_garden do not match requirements · Issue #2725 · exercism/go · GitHub

Still the same bug? "test6names = []string{"Samantha", "Patricia", "Xander", "Roger"} includes names which are not one of the specified 12 children:

  • Alice, Bob, Charlie, David,
  • Eve, Fred, Ginny, Harriet,
  • Ileana, Joseph, Kincaid, and Larry.

My code raises an error re the invalid names and won’t pass the tests.

I’ve moved this to the Go category (cc @andrerfcsantos @junedev)

Thanks! Maybe one approach would be to clarify that the 12 names listed in the instructions are just an example and are not necessarily the expected input. Also, I don’t think the instructions indicate that students should be handled in alphabetical order but the tests require that.