[Bug] Mentoring slot does not get freed after concluded mentoring

I requested Mentoring on some topic and got mentored. After I improved my solution, I ended the session and gave my mentor a good testimonial. Somehow, my mentoring slot is not freed, though.

I tried uploading screenshots, but unfortunately that failed, so I uploaded them to Imgur instead.

That looks like you have two requests open to be mentored. Is there an open discussion?

You can click on those requests and cancel the request. You can view pending requests here and ongoing mentoring discussions here.

Thanks, but whenever I open the request, it only shows the request that has already ended and no option to cancel the request.

Can you link to the specific request/discussion and ping ErikSchierboom to take a look?

@ErikSchierboom could you have a look? This is the request: Exercism

I hope it was correct to take the direct mentoring invite. I didn’t know what else to link.

Can you share the link of the open request? When you go to the open requests, right click on the request in question and copy that link.

Sorry, here is the link that I get when I click on Open request: Exercism

I see two pending requests and those are not linked to the discussion you link to above. Would you like me to manually cancel the requests?

Yes, please cancel the request for the binary search exercise.
Thank you!

Consider it done

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Thanks a lot!

No problem.

So I’m clear, was there a bug here we need to get to the bottom of?

@iHiD Yes, I think so. The open mentoring request blocked a slot, but whenever I clicked on it I landed on the already resolved mentoring request with no way to cancel the other one.

OK thanks. I’ll add it to our bugtracker.