C# Exercises Submission frozen

Is there anything I can do unfreeze and submit my exercises? I have two exercises pending for submission. The first one Nullability that has been stuck for about a week and the other one I submitted yesterday floating point floats and while loops. Should I just delete my account and start over?


I’m What do you mean by the terms “frozen” or “pending for submission”. Neither of these concepts are things within Exercism so I’m unclear what exact issue you’re facing :slight_smile:

I can’t run tests or submit the exercise. After a certain number of attempts at an exercise, the run tests and submit buttons are greyed out.

There is no limit to how many times you can run the test.

However, you can only run tests once per “version”. If you run tests, the button is greyed out until you change the code. If you make any changes to your code, the button should become “active” again.