C# Log Level is lacking in its introduction

I’ve seen a couple of times people say that they feel that the C# introduction to Log Levels doesn’t provide enough information to solve the exercise. I tend to agree.


Interestingly, the page for the Strings concept has more details and enough information to actually solve the exercise:

C# Strings concept page on Exercism.org

I think it comes from this page:


The concept’s introduction document doesn’t have all the details, however:

csharp/concepts/strings/introduction.md at main · exercism/csharp (github.com)

You mentioned the Ruby exercise. Interestingly, the Ruby track’s Strings concept page is, on the other hand, pretty light:

Ruby Strings concept page on Exercism.org

It might be a bit too sparse. That said, the Ruby one basically lists all methods you need to use, which I tried not to do with the C# track. I’m open to suggestions to improving without giving away everything (I’d like students to at least google some string class documentation).