C track: glibc could be preferred?

It’s a second mentoring session where the code fails because of Alpine / musl. But works locally with different distributions. Had this myself with exercises.

I’m wondering if another container would make sense, because most are working with glibc. Alpine was great because its size in the past. But quite small containers are possible with others, too.

I must confess, the musl segmentation fault helped to find an allocation error which glibc obviously just ignored.

I know hardly anything about C, but…

Is this not a great learning opportunity, perhaps to be facilitated more by documentation in instructions.append.mds?

When not unreasonably hard to do, writing portable C code seems preferable. It is what I would want to learn, anyway.

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I like this, too. Even like to use zig as C compiler. It at least should be more transparent. Unfortunately you will need to set up a local container, since most I know work with glibc based systems. In reality I see Alpine mostly for static compiled applications. Lost its charme a bit in the past years.

Started to play with those containers: GoogleContainerTools/distroless: :avocado: Language focused docker images, minus the operating system. (github.com)