Call for the Gates Foundation to Support Exercism

I saw in a video where the founder said if anyone wouldn’t mind asking Bill Gates to donate to So I am asking through a petition on! Could folks please sign my petition? Petition · Support the Code learning platform Exercism so more people can learn to code for free! ·

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@SoldierCoder this made my day!

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Good idea. Just signed. (as Andreas R.)
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This is lovely. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you liked that idea, here is another one for you… Let’s find people from all walks of life who are trying to escape POVERTY by learning to code on Exercism. Let’s make a short film with people from many countries who are doing this and then… drum roll please – Petition the United Nations for funding! If you think this is a good idea, I have a film-maker friend in mind, just let me know!

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Then please help spread the petition. EVERYONE who signs should also post about it in their own circle of friends and associates. Once you have signed, you should post on social media telling what made you want to sign, and ASK others to sign. Once your friends sign, you should explain to them that they are now leaders in this movement, and ask them to post on social media telling others why they signed and ask them to sign… etc, etc…

I was involved in spreading a petition to help a Human Trafficking survivor get free from a Juvenile Life Without Possibility of Parole sentence. It seemed hopeless. but we adopted the above strategy and we went from 40k signatures to well over 250, 000 signatures and she was ultimately freed and has since been pardoned. People power is real!!