CamelCase test unintentionally removed from Rust acronym exercise

In a recent commit to add test auto-generation, the acronym tests were switched to be auto-generated and in the process the test for CamelCase was lost, seemingly unintentionally:

fn camelcase() {
    assert_eq!(acronym::abbreviate("HyperText Markup Language"), "HTML");

Since this is the only test for camel case being handled, the tests now pass without handling this case which simplifies the problem a fair amount. I was made aware of this by a mentee asking why other solutions seemed more complicated than his.

It seems like this was an unintentional change to the test cases for the acronym exercise and that this test should be added back in?

Thanks for bringing this up. My first hunch is that this test maybe should be added upstream in the problem-specifications repo.

I’m on the road, will have a better look at it later.

My second hunch is that adding this test to problem-specifications probably isn’t the way to go, because it makes the exercise more difficult for languages that implement the existing tests only.

I’m a little hesitant to deviate from the problem spec without good reason. But the confusion about the community solutions will remain. Good enough reason for me.


Great, thanks for looking at this and preparing a fix so promptly!

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