Can a list of deprecated exercises be seen somewhere? Any log or history for changes?

I’ve been doing Exercism-exercises here and there and it’s been a while since I checked what’s up with the new Clojure tracks (been meaning to revisit other tracks similartly too). It seems there’s currently 87 exercises, but after completing the newly added ones it seems I have 92 exercises on my partisan repository. So apparently some of the older one were deprecated. I wrote the exercises to my own repo with a dumb naming scheme I’m now refactoring out of (changing to actually reflect the exercise name in the file names instead of crude numbering that made searching a pain) but the issue is I can’t figure out what the removed exercises were called. Is there a place I could check out this info? Even tho they officially have been removed I’d gladly keep the old ones!

All the exercise statuses would be stored in the config file here:

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Thank you for the swift reply!

Some tracks display a list of deprecated exercises on their «Build Status» page, but not Clojure apparently. Might be a bug.


It seems that there are no deprecated exercises in the clojure track.

I wonder if your duplicate issues are down to exercises being renamed. If it’s been a while, that’s a possible solution.

Or this could be down to your own housekeeping issues :grin:

If you provide a list of your exercises, this is the sort of thing that tends to nerd-snipe helpful people here :slight_smile:

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