Can we get an RSS feed for the podcasts?

Is there a podcast RSS feed we could follow?

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Yeah, we can make one easily enough. @jonathanmiddleton can you liase with @ErikSchierboom to do this some time next week please when he’s done with his current backlog :slight_smile:

We’ll need the podcast URLs adding to the config.json etc. It’s probably a good piece of work to do with the uploading + squooshing of images we previously discussed.


Any update on an RSS feed I can subscribe to? I saw a new post about a new podcast but no RSS link.

Hey @IsaacG - we’ve been working on the this, this week but ETA will be next week I imagine.


@IsaacG I think this is the RSS feed for the podcast -

Confirming with Erik today but is this what you’re after…


That’s perfect! Thank you!

Note, the ABAP entry appears duplicated in there.

Ok great! Glad it worked for you. I’m not sure what’s happening with the duplicate ‘ABAP and ABAP’ podcast but will check it out again.

This link didn’t work for me. If anyone else has the same issue, this feed worked with my podcast app: Exercism Community Stories

We’re on podcastindex! - Exercism Community Stories :smiley:

But the feed is not working anymore, apparently that’s a paid service and our trial period ran out. But I think we don’t need it, since podbean already provides a working feed.

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