Can we make full use of the shared files for the CLI?

When users download exercises, they also get a copy of the .docs directory, in exercises/shared, but the base directory is not copied.

I would love to have the whole directory for files that should come with every exercise download.
There are several tracks, that could benefit from this behavior. Currently, the test framework for the C++ track is copy-pasted into every single exercise folder, and updating the framework is a pain.
The JS track has a .gitgnore and files, that are the same for every exercise-
The Python track could make good use of an .inifile that makes IDE usage easier.
Also the tracks for Awk, bash, jq, all have a bash test lib file that gets copied every time.

I had a look at the CLI files, but I do not see how the .docs directory is copied. It would help a lot to get all the files, with a download from one level below. I can imagine it is not a drastic change.
Is there a chance to cache those files locally?