Can you be recruited if you complete all the challenges of a language on exercism ?

Hello, I am new here. What do you think. :) Thanks

Recruited by whom for what?

If you can complete all of the exercises on a track in a pretty idiomatic way (ie using the correct ways of thinking for that language) then technically, you’re almost certainly good enough to work professionally in that language.

There are likely to be other technical skills that a job might require, but for many jobs, those can be learnt on the job. For others, you might need to learn some frameworks or techniques (e.g. for JavaScript you might like to learn React or more around web development), but you’ll also likely find jobs where having the core language skill is good enough.

And finally there are, of course, many other human skills you need to be good in a job, such as teamwork and communication.

But fundamentally, if you’re good enough to solve all the problems using good code, you’re probably a very large percentage of the way there.

Finally, there are many many developers in professional jobs who would find many of Exercism’s problems too hard to solve with good code! So if you’re looking for your first tech job, it might be worth getting to 50% complete then broadening your skillbase at that stage, rather than focussing on 100% completion :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck! :tada: