Canonical-data.json clobberation query

In the grade school data, I see this

json[8] uuid:c125dab7-40d8,desc:A student can't be in two different grades
json[9] uuid:a0c7b9b8-79d1,reimplements:c125dab7-40d8
json[10] uuid:d7982c4f-243a,reimplements:a0c7b9b8-79d1
json[14] uuid:c7ec1c5e-37c5,reimplements:c125dab7-40d8

(uuids shortened so you can read it)
so 9 clobbers 8
10 clobbers the 9 that clobbered the 8
What then with 14? Is it just ignored because the clobbered’s clobberer has been clobbered? Or is it supposed to effectively clobber the 10?

I do not know whether 10 was added before or after 14

I think in this case,

  • 9 and 14 were added to replace 8
  • then 10 replaced 9

Keep 10 and 14

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