[Card Games] `approx_average_is_average` docstring summary needs an improvement

Related GitHub issue: [Card Games] `approx_average_is_average` docstring summary needs improvement · Issue #3674 · exercism/python · GitHub

Docstring summary of approx_average_is_average function could be more clear.

A story behind

  1. Initially I’ve started an implementation of approx_average_is_average function based on docstring.
  2. Wrote the function, ran tests and found the implementation doesn’t work.
  3. Then read instructions and found inconsistencies between docstring and instructions (see screenshot below).

Proposed change

Currently Suggested
"""Return if an average is using (first + last index values ) OR ('middle' card) == calculated average. """Return if the (average of first and last card values) OR ('middle' card) == calculated average.

Issue screenshot

Hi @dcheremushkin :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion (and for the nicely detailed issue here and on GitHub)! I’d welcome a PR, when you get a chance. :smile:

And if you find anything else (spelling, wording, tests, et. al) while you are reviewing the exercise, you can go ahead and add those in as well. :blue_heart:

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Hi @BethanyG! :wave: I’ve created a PR.

An update: the PR has been merged, the issue has been fixed. :tada: