CFML track timeout problems

The test runner is behaving oddly: it keeps telling me I’ve passed, then changing its mind and saying I failed with a timeout error. I mostly submit via CLI, but rerunning the tests in the online editor can get a pass on the first or second attempt.

I’ve seen this with 3 different exercises today, all with no loops or at most a very small loop. Running the difference-of-squares test locally took 109 ms on a low-power i5.

Not an urgent priority: I can live with it, and CFML isn’t featured in #12in23 until December. I find the track nostalgic, as I used ColdFusion a lot around 15-20 years ago (running a semi-pirate web server hidden under my desk, to get data from the corporate Oracle database).

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I’ve been getting the same behaviour almost consistently for 2+ days now across 4 exercises in the F# track, so I do not think it’s track specific.

CLI submitted solutions almost always timeout on tests.
Re-submit with no changes via online editor and solution is accepted.

On my 3+ year old laptop test suites are running locally on average between 25ms up to 80ms across the problems I’ve been solving recently.

This is very frustrating frankly.