Changing email, changing password

I signed up using GitHub - because of that I can’t change my email (which I have no access to) or my password (as there isn’t one).

I can’t use the “existing” tricks due to the above issues.

Can someone help?

Hi @shahdeys - sorry to hear you’re having issues.

What is it that you’d like to be able to do? I’m guessing you’d like to change the email associated with your account?

I’ll check in with the tech team about how we can help you out but please bear with!


Hi @shahdeys,

Please follow the instructions in this Github Issue and see how you get on…

Hey Jonathan!

I’d like to be able to change the e-mail and add a password to the associated account, rather than using GitHub to login.

Thank you for investigating this!

Unfortunately I’ve seen that GitHub Issue :) Here was my reply for it back in September: Profile requires password to change things like email but I made no password since I sign in via GitHub · Issue #5661 · exercism/exercism · GitHub

Thank you though!