Changing the 'workspace' and 'config' directories

hello, hope you’re doing well

once i did the excercism configure… it spit out a couple of lines that said where things are →
You have configured the Exercism command-line client:

Config dir: /home/emetib/.config/exercism
Token: (-t, --token) #####
Workspace: (-w, --workspace) /home/emetib/exercism
API Base URL: (-a, --api)

what i’m curious about is?
is all i have to do is edit the user.json file to have it point it where i want the workspace to be? what about the ‘Config dir:’ do i have to change that also, and if so how?

i’m doing all of this from a raspberry pi 3 v 1.2, with an sd card, that might get changed to another distro, so i’m working from a removable drive and all of my files are on that.

i’ve been using linux exclusively since the 2.4 kernel. been a carpenter for almost 30 years and broke my neck last year (i’m ok now) and decided to take a hobby further. so jumping around on the command line is not a problem for me and telling things where to point or editing a file (vim) is not a problem either.

would like to learn how to program properly instead of just reading blips from cheatsheets and how-tos.

thanks for your time

Yes, you can manually modify that file. It may be better to use the exercism command line tool to do so, though.

Perhaps a little less error prone.

You could also choose to map (mount) your “removable drive” to the location it indicates. It should not really matter, since it will be mapped there, and will for practical purposes be that directory.

The cli looks for the config exercism dir in these directories:

  • $EXERCISM_CONFIG_HOME environment var
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME env var
  • or the default $HOME/.config

To change the workspace, use the command

exercism configure -w /where/I/want/my/workspace
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thank you guys.

i took a break and ate some dinner and reread the tests page with the ‘bats’ and what it wanted me to put in my bashrc, so i moved the exercism to my personal .bin folder and then started to play with that.

look forward to using exercism and learning how to program properly. i have multiple langs that i want to learn.

take care

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