ChatGPT's suggestion for #12in23 newsletter intro

I asked ChatGPT to suggest some copy for the launch newsletter I’m sending out about #12in23. It’s suggestion was so much better than what I had…


Not having spent many minutes writing it, you are less practiced in critiquing it. Does this not largely explain your experience?

[…] a […] way for people to step out of their comfort zone […]

This sounds good. Please let it be true! It is easy to fall into the let’s learn yet another syntax for basically the same thing trap.

[…] on our online community.

Does this wording accurately convey your meaning? To me (a nonnative speaker) it seems a bit odd and possibly too specific.

[…] you’ll have gained […] a deeper understanding of how programming languages work.

This is not presently taught by Exercism, nor is learning about it explicitly facilitated. It seems like a noble goal, but I think extra material (‘content’?) is needed to achieve it – through Exercism I mean.

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