[Chess Game] Fix typo in instructions (ruby)

Hello! :wave:

I submitted a PR for a correction in an exercise instruction and the bot told me to discuss it here first. It told to paste this link here so that we can have a discussion first. :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, if you want to discuss a change it’s helpful to share what the change/typo is. Those details are pretty helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Since the PR was already opened and it included all the details, it didn’t occur to me to reproduce the same info here. I apologise. :disappointed:

Still no details, so I had to make 5 moves instead of just just two. So yeah, details are good to have, since not everyone comes to the forums to read the messages, and the links do not directly translate.

So that this does not continue, I am posting the (minimal) details here.

There was an extra } in one of the examples in the exercise instructions. This MR removes it.

The link to the pull request #1649 is exercism/ruby#1649.

You are welcome!

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Reopened, and approved, and merged.

Thank you for the work!

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Thanks @bjacquet! :slight_smile:

Can we move this to Ruby where it would have ended up had the link in the PR/MR message been clicked? I looked for it there first and found it here instead.

I’ll do better in my next one! :+1:

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