Circular buffer in C problem when submitting

I am not sure what is going on. I do make test at the command line under WSL and my code passes all tests.

I submit it and the first problem I ran into is I could not get the .h file to submit. So I went to the web page and block and copied itinto the .h tab. Then I ran the tests.

3 tests of the 14 tests faile when I run on the web. All 14 pass on my WSL. I get no warnings and no errors and all tests pass. Can anyone who is an admin take a look and see what is going on?

Also since I will be doing more C exercises can someone tell me what the correct way is to submit from the commandline? I have tried the following:

exercism submit bla.c
exercism submit blah.h

then I tried
exercism submit blah.c blah.h

Both act like they work but the header file never showed up.

Another question I have is there a way to get the original files after I have editted? The reason I am asking is maybe when I was removing ignore I messed up the test files. I don’t think I did and they all look good but I am grasping for a straw on why this is not working.

Ok I found that the tests pass but the memory tests fail on the three that they fail on here. I am not sure why that is. I am working on it.
I still have the question on how to correctly submit both the .h and .c files.

You can reset the exercise on the website via the ... on the top right of the exercise page. You can then redownload using exercism download --force

The recommended approach to submitting is exercism submit without any explicit filenames. That will submit all the expected files.

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Thanks. That will make things easier. AS for the other problem I was having it was me sigh. I didn’t know to run the memcheck before submitting. Now that I ran the mem check and fixed all the problems I completed this one. Do I remove this topic? Can I remove this topic? Should I remove it? Anyway Exercism is a lot of fun even for an old coder like me.

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