Claiming exercises for Euphoria

Since there seems to be a bit of a race to add new exercises, let’s use this thread to coordinate.

I’m claiming all-your-base.

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I noted an interest in doing the following exercises on GitHub unless someone wants to work on them instead. Plenty to go around :slight_smile:

  • circular-buffer
  • flatten-array
  • perfect-numbers
  • armstrong-numbers
  • binary-search
  • clock
  • dnd-character
  • gigasecond
  • high-scores
  • nucleotide-count
  • queen-attack
  • resistor-color
  • robot-simulator
  • secret-handshake
  • square-root
  • strain

I’m claiming ‘forth’.



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And let me add that I am delighted with the current flurry of interest in the language.

I’ll take sieve next.

And allergies.

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