CLI errror: ` exercism: lazy binding failed!`

After upgrading to the newest snapshot of OpenBSD, all go based programs are having the same difficulty with lazy binding in I have been able to correct all the other programs by simply rebuilding them, but the commands to build exercism are different than the other programs. go build does not work, and there is no makefile that would simply allow me to enter gmake and move on with life. So, I am much perplexed.

I have cloned the repo (obviously), there is no, and there needs to be. Going through the “cli-walkthrough”, just puts me back here, and I am not concerned with cutting a new release, so is not very helpful.

A little help would be much appreciated.

exercism:exercism: undefined symbol 'syscall' exercism: lazy binding failed!
[1]    41226 killed     exercism

How about go build exercism/main.go to create a main executable that might work?

Simple, and of course, totally works.

I might as well say it, “The more you know.”


Super big thanks to @iHiD. Greatly appreciate the assist.

No probs! FWIW in case it’s useful in future Go things, I just looked up the command in the release yml file thing to get the command out (I don’t actually really speak Go myself either). So it seems like if you run into this problem elsewhere, that might be a solution.

That said, if you’d like to PR an addition to the README with that command specified to build it, I’d happily merge that PR :slight_smile: Please reference this discussion in the description and link back here if it gets auto-closed.