Clojure/bird-watcher: Hints not visible

In the bird-watcher concept exercise the hints do not get displayed.

There should be an actual hint (as you can see in the markdown file on GitHub) but each hint only shows the heading.

How to reproduce:
Go to the online editor, click on the instructions tab, scroll down to the tasks and click on one of the “Stuck? Reveal Hints” buttons.

@angelikatyborska thought it might have something to do with a missing ## General section.

Edit: @MatthijsBlom is probably correct, the hints in the Markdown file are not numbered.

Edit #2: Fixed by @porkostomus. That was quick, thank you very much.

@porkostomus :point_up: Looks like another case of missing task numbers?

You’re right, in 8 of the 10 currently active concept exercises the hints get displayed correctly, and in those 8 the hints are numbered in the Markdown file.
But 2 of the 10 (bird-watcher and interest-is-interesting) have unnumbered hints in the Markdown file and these hints don’t get displayed.

interest-is-interesting is fixed by Add task numbers to hints by bobbicodes · Pull Request #561 · exercism/clojure · GitHub; bird-watcher remains to be fixed.

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