Community solutions layout issues

I see you’ve worked on this recently and would just like to share a suggestion.

The 9-line previews aren’t actually very helpful and come across as “noise”. I’d prefer an accordion, with the option of 2 side by side (instead of 3 per line) allowing direct compare of any two solutions. The 2nd page really only being there so you can add a comment. My real isue though is that when you click on one to show it you lose your place. On the 2nd screen the other solutions part would be better as or with “showing 1/33 next prev” so that you can much more easily step through them all, and know none were missed, or at least give up when I’ve seen the top 30 of 5000. I gather “Dig Deeper” would probably be better, but so far, on Go, it seems not done yet.

While I very much doubt you’ll need it, I put a really simple accordion at the top of one of my doc pages: xpGUI (just to be sure we’re not thinking of different things)