"Community Solutions" not showing some of my published code!

When I publish a solution, it’s like spinning a wheel, as it has a high chance of forever failing to be displayed in “Community Solutions”.

Once it fails, even when I unpublish and re-publish that code, it won’t fix it!

Here’s my latest failed attempt:

It doesn’t show up when sorting by newest at all:

And b/c it’s a 16 line-count solution, it was supposed to be 3rd here:

Is it a known bug or does it just happen to me?
Is there any active patch being worked on?

There may be some confusion on how community solutions are displayed. They’re not all the unique solutions, they’re actually the solutions which representation are unique. A representation is like a hash of the code with lots of normalizations applied, so if you’re code representation matches an existing one, your name would not show up.