Community solutions not sorted


I have a problem with sorting community solutions by “most starred”:

Sorting by “newest” works ok.

@dem4ron @ErikSchierboom is this something that can be looked in to?

Perhaps it’s better to create a ticket on Github?

Would it be possible to have them categorized so you don’t have to look through many solutions similar to yours? I know it is asking for a lot but on some “there is is only one way” languages (like e. Go) it could be doable?

This has been mentioned as an item on the roadmap here by one of the contributors -

Another thing which is currently being worked on is adding “offical” approaches to exercises, those can be found under the dig deeper section. And I think most of the popular languages do atleast have a few exercises with “offical” approaches.

Here is an example of how a “offical” approach can look like: Reverse string on C#


This link is about a different problem. I don’t mean having same order on “community solutions” page and in “other solutions” sidepanel.

My problem is that solutions on “community solutions” page are not sorted properly. I can see a solution with one star after a couple solutions with 0 stars.

I’ve noticed this as well, when choosing sorted by stars the order doesn’t seem to be correct. Is this something that is only updated periodically or is there a bug somewhere?

Seems the problem has been resolved by removing sorting by stars entirely. In my opinion stars were better, than sorting by author’s reputation, that appeared instead.

See Improved Community Solutions - #2 by Adrien-ANTON-LUDWIG for the logic/discussion around this.