Comprehension exercises?

Has there been any talk about adding a comprehension concept to the Python track? I could easily see a few good exercises covering:

  • Basic list/set comprehension
  • Advanced (if, zip, sum, etc.)
  • Dict/tuple comprehension
  • Nested (inc. when not to use them)

Since this feature seems to be such a talking point about python (for better or worse), it seems natural to include it. I think it would help students understand the basics of the various types as well as when and where to (or not to) use them.

Just a thought. I didn’t seen any other conversations related to adding this to the track.

Hi @aaronr8684 :wave:

Welcome to the Exercism forum!

Comprehension and Generator Expression exercises are in process but taking a super long time due to other maintenance tasks, tooling, approaches, and life getting in the way. :smile:

Hoping they will roll out this year, but need to take care of some more approaches articles and tooling touch ups first.


I can relate to those :smile: Hoping to help out more on the backend this year. Hopefully that will help alleviate some of the burden.