Concepts for the Rust track are not displayed


I created a github issue for the Rust track, but it was closed and I was redirected here. I hope that I now at the good place for my issue :slight_smile:

There are various concepts explained in Rust track, but they are not displayed on top page of the track.
On a concept page, when clicking on the ‘Syllabus’ link (Rust on Exercism), the user is redirected to the track top page. There is no link to the page with all the concepts.

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Hi, the Rust track’s syllabus is a work in progress and it’s not activated yet. That’s why there’s stuff in the repo which doesn’t show up on the website.

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Thank you for answer!

do you know when it would be activated. Love the website and would love to learn Rust on it.


Unfortunately, not in the forseeable future. It’s a lot of work to get right and I don’t have nearly enough time at the moment. Until that hopefully changes someday, I recommend learning Rust by reading the official book. :slight_smile: