Conceptual Badge - may be inadvertently awarded

[started this convo on discord, @iHiD suggested bring here to alert @ErikSchierboom]

July 4th, 5:33pm PST I got the “You’ve unlocked a new badge” email. Didn’t get a chance to take a look until later that evening. When I went to the site I discovered I had been awarded the Conceptual Badge as I “Completed all learning exercises in a track”

I started the cpp track for Jurassic July, and had finished setting up my IDE and submitting Hello World at 5:17pm PST, I then finished Lasagna at 5:21pm, submitted the solution and stepped away from exercism.

I can’t tell from the badge which track it thinks I completed. I don’t think I’ve actually completed any, and find the timing a bit coincidental given the cpp activity.

Can we determine which track the Conceptual Badge was awarded against? Even the tracks I’ve completed the most exercises in aren’t anywhere close to completing the Syllabus exercises.

According to the database, you’ve had the Conceptual Badge since Thu, 21 Apr 2022 13:15:01.562560000 UTC +00:00. Looking at your notifications, it seems like there wasn’t a notification for when you’ve actually received the badge. As the system then thought you didn’t yet have the badge, it added the notification.

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Ok, as long as it’s not connected to that cpp track then I’ll trust it was earned. Thx for digging into this.

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