Config.json not found to submit solutions from vscode

Hi, I’ve installed successfully the Cli and the VS Code official extension (exercism.exercism-cli). I have opened my workspace correctly but when I submit the solution I receive this error message:

Cannot submit this solution automatically, because .exercism/config.json could not be found at /home/miguel/snap/exercism/5/exercism/.exercism/config.json. This may happen if you are trying to submit someone else their solution.

There’s no config.json file and not even the .exercism folder.

Should I create it? What content should it has? Shouldn’t it has being created on Cli installation?

Thank you very much!

Did you configure the CLI? You can do this with the Exercism CLI: Configure the Exercism CLI command.

Thanks Matt, yes I did, the token is correct. Is there anything else to configure?

exercism configure should report a Config dir. Does it differ from the directory you reported earlier?

This might be a bug in the VS Code extension. To verify this we’d need more information.

The vscode is looking for a /home/miguel/snap/exercism/5/exercism/.exercism/config.json. that does not exists. I have a /home/miguel/.config/exercism/user.json instead with the info about apibaseurl, token and workspace.

 miguel  ~/.config/exercism  exercism configure

You have configured the Exercism command-line client:

Config dir:                       /home/miguel/.config/exercism
Token:         (-t, --token)      my_token_is_correct_here
Workspace:     (-w, --workspace)  /home/miguel/snap/exercism/5/exercism
API Base URL:  (-a, --api)

How did you install Exercism. Snap isn’t officially supported as it tends to cause lots of issues, so if you installed it with that, that might be causing it (cc @NobbZ)

Weird thing is: the extension was looking for the snap directory. The CLI itself is clear on the correct directory.

I installed exercism-3.1.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz from here: Release exercism-v3.1.0 · exercism/cli · GitHub following the Cli install instructions: Exercism

I’ve just copied the ~/.config/exercism/user.json into ~/snap/exercism/5/exercism/.exercism/config.json to check if it works and it’s saying now: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘solution’)