Configlet - Documentation: Add installation instruction

I cannot find any installation instruction for configlet, so I opened the following issue: Documentation: Add installation instruction · Issue #752 · exercism/configlet · GitHub

Is it relevant or should it remains closed ?

Each track has a bin/fetch-configlet script. That is the way to install it as bin/configlet. But that should be documented.

To install configlet without installing it to a specific track for linux:

Get the latest package. found here: Releases · exercism/configlet (

and select the tar.gz file for Linux.

sudo wget
sudo tar -xf configlet_4.0.0-beta.11_linux_x86-64.tar.gz
mv configlet /bin

Similar to installing the exercism CLI, the /bin and other system directors should not be modified using commands like cp mv. System directories should be managed by system package management tools. You may want to stick to $HOME/bin.

sudo is used when you need escalated access/privileges. It should not be needed to download or untar files.

The fetch configlet is set up to make it easy to fetch the latest configlet build since it can change often and the latest version should be used. One shouldn’t download a single version once and and it will stay up to date or the best version to use for very long.

So I guess all of this has to be documented somewhere and certainly be stated in the

It is documented in the README: GitHub - exercism/configlet: The official tool for managing Exercism language track repositories.

It is also documented here: Configlet | Exercism's Docs

Oh in fact, I would not expect this to be at the end of those pages. They are all about usage and then there is 3 lines at the end telling you how to get the script.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have it at the beginning ? Or is there a specific reason to have it at the end ?

A weak argument, but still: installation instructions are useful only once, and when positioned at the top would need to be scrolled past all the other times.

The installation instructions in the docs are findable through Ctrlf. The instructions in the README could be made as well.

But, really, I’d like a proper search feature on the docs.

I, too, find the docs a bit hard to navigate. I know a lot of what is in there just from browsing, but regularly have a hard time finding stuff again.