Confirm button in "Mark as complete" dialog often not working


I have a pretty annoying problem. The “Mark as complete” dialog is not working properly for me because the “Confirm” does not work most of the time (but sometimes it does). When it is not working it also does not show the pointer cursor when hovering and most of the times no hovering effect either. Also the radio boxes in the dialog are only working sometimes when clicking the label. I was not able to find out in which situations it is working and in which ones it is not, but most of the times it is not working. Reloading the page does not fix it. Also as a side fact I noticed that the context menu is not working on that dialog.
I’m using Chrome 118.0.5993.88 on Mac OS.

My suspicion is that sometimes an invisible element is laying on top of the dialog.

Attached you find a screenshot of the dialog that I’m talking about. Also, in case it is relevant, I noticed it in the Elixir course.

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cc @dem4ron.

Hi, thank you for the detailed report!

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this bug on my end - using Chrome 118.0.5993 on an ARM Mac.

Could you please create a short screen recording of the bug and open an issue on GitHub (even though it will auto-close, it’s a great place to upload short videos) or paste a link to it here.

Ideally could you show us what happens if you right-click and choose inspect on the element that seems to be covering things.

Thank you!


actually since the day after my report the error doesn’t occur anymore, that’s why I assumed that you guys already fixed this. Currently I’m not able to reproduce it anymore - it could be that there was a restart of Chrome in between. If the problem occurs again I will record the video and will post it here.

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