Confused by Concepts, Exercises and Learning Exercises

Forgive me for this relatively basic question but I’m new here. :smile:

I’m going through the Java Track and think I should be using the Learning view and taking one concept at a time. I’m a bit confused when I get a new concept on where to start. Do I work the generic exercises first and then the Learning Exercise, or start with the Learning Exercise and then do the others?

If you look at the image I’ve included you see I have the String Concept and I can do the Learning Exercise on the far left, or I have 2 other exercises I can work.

Asking it a different way… Are the Learning Exercises harder and better attempted after working one or more of the other exercises?


The learning exercises are generally quite simple. They are intended to directly reinforce the learnings of the concept. Practice exercises for a concept can be quite difficult, and may require you to know concepts that you haven’t learned yet.

I’m surprised to see the learning exercise (the left-most one) for Strings is locked. Completing the Lasagna exercise for Basics is supposed to unlock it.

Thanks @glennj. Sounds like I need to make it a practice to start with the Learning Exercises. I’m not sure why Strings worked the way it did. And I agree about some exercises being quite difficult… I’m struggling with the Gigasecond exercise under Numbers.

The concept exercise for Strings is not locked, it’s available but not completed; note the lightbulb icon.

The fact that some practice exercises are unlocked before the corresponding concept exercise is completed is due to the prerequisites not being set correctly. I noticed it before in the Java syllabus and have been working on setting it straight, but haven’t come around to fixing it for all exercises yet.

@francis-w welcome to the forum! :wave:

I would recommend to finish the concept exercises for each concept you unlock first, and only then start with the practice exercises in those concepts.

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I updated the Java track configuration to address the issue of practice exercises unlocking before completing the necessary concept exercises.

@francis-w let me know if you still run into trouble!

Thanks @sanderploegsma !

I’m really enjoying the site and exercises.

That’s great to hear, thank you for the feedback! :purple_heart: