Connecting GitHub fails

I tried to connect my profile to GitHub on, but it failed with a 500 error on the callback, and it still shows unconnected.

Normally this means there’s either an existing account that you’ve previously connected to your GitHub, or that you don’t have a verified email address on your GH account.

Well, I don’t have another Exercism account, so I don’t see how my GitHub account could be connected to another Exercism account.

And I have multiple verified email addresses on GitHub.

Could it be because my Exercism email address doesn’t match any of my GitHub email addresses?

What’s your GH username?


You already have an account with this GitHub login, created in 2020. If you log in with GitHub you’ll be able to access it. If you want me to move the GitHub association to this account, let me know. I can’t merge accounts though, sorry.

@DanJones Sorted?