Contributing to Pizza-pi task

I am starting a contribution here and this is my first. Please help me if I make a mistake.

I already forked the PHP-track and am now creating a branch and will work on it.

Formula for calculateCheeseCubeCoverage in pizza-pi is misleading · Issue #616 · exercism/php (

@fejan11 Thanks for helping! Ask your questions here, if you get stuck somewhere.

Yes sure,

This is just typo change correct I did type syntax change and run test all working fine.

@fejan11 How about your changes? Do you need help? Any problems with making the pull request in GitHub?

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Yes, I did a typo change till now.

But I am confused this is only a typo change correct? I don’t have to write any test or other with formula change right?

Thanks, I review a lot of your commit here. Great to have a word with you.

Did you create a pull request? Would you like to share a link?

No not yet.

I will create a pull request now. I just did changes in my local environment

I did create a pull request

change : formula typo updated in pizza pi by fejan92 · Pull Request #729 · exercism/php (

This change makes the example in the text incorrect. It also would invalidate all existing solutions. The equation Lilly calculates may not be accurate, but the exercise doesn’t claim it is accurate.

So I will update the example in the text. Is that work?

@fejan11 I reviewed your pull request. I hope it is clear now, what to do.

Thanks a lot for contributing!

Yes, I got I understand your change request.

And I already committed the changes please check.


PR merged.