[Contributions]: Web Notifications and User Profile Triple-Listing

There seems to be a filter issue or a query issue with concept authoring/contributions.

Today, I merged two concept PRs, one for complex-numbers and one for fractions.
It was between 2:30 and 3:00 PST, as near as I can remember.

Both had me as a co-author as well as a reviewer. There was active discussion on both, and both had edits made by both authors during the review.

Upon merging, the web UI showed this for the notifications:


And my profile page showed this for building:

Not clear to me if this is a display issue, or an issue with pulling the rep tokens.
I do know that complex-numbers doesn’t show at all, and should. And I certainly shouldn’t be getting 3x credit for the Fractions concept!

As a comparison, @colinleach was the co-author. Not sure if his profile has the same issue or not.

I also saw this. Fractions was credited 3x, but complex-numbers (merged a short time before with the same authors) only once.