Contributor badge for donating in swag store?

Currently, you get the Contributor badge on the website if you donate directly to the platform via the Exercism website. Thinking out loud here, but should you also get said badge if you donate via the swag store donation items? I understand it’s a separate site powered by Shopify so you don’t necessarily have a link between customers and their Exercism accounts. If it was doable though, that would be a nice gesture to reward people using the swag store.

Hey @BNAndras! Great idea. Really like it and makes total sense.

@ErikSchierboom @iHiD how do we go about getting a Swag Badge implemented for anyone who buys/donates/contributes via the Swag store?

Probably the same as people who do it via GitHub currently, which is they have to email and we do it manually. As someone’s shopify account isn’t linked to their Exercism one it’d be even harder to do automatically I think.

So technically a bit painful, but I like the idea!

So should we add a note to the item descriptions that purchasers can request the Contributor badge by email? Seems straightforward to me.

Yes, I think that’s a good idea. @jonathanmiddleton Can you add something like this pls:

After donating, please email and we’ll ensure you get the Contributor Badge" awarded to you!

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Do you think we should give the badge to anyone who also buys Swag?

Cool - have updated the donation products but I think it might be cool to have a badge for anyone who purchases swag…

Yeah - we can make a new badge for this. But it’ll add a chunk of manual work with you checking and verifying everything so it’s probably not worth it until we can more automatically integrate?