Cook your Lasagna/Java

public class Lasagna {

public static int expectedMinutesInOven(){
    return 40;
public static int remainingMinutesInOven(int actual){
    int expected = expectedMinutesInOven();
    int result = expected-actual;
    return result;
public static int preparationTimeInMinutes(int layers){
    int preptime = layers*2;
    return preptime;
public static int totalTimeInMinutes(int layer, int minutes){
    int prep = preparationTimeInMinutes(layer);
    int result = prep + minutes; 
    return result;


This code works

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I just shared my solution

You can publish your solution on the website :smile: With thousands of solutions being published every day, having people opening a new thread every time they complete an exercise probably isn’t sustaintable.

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ok thanks for the tips!!