Correcting a typo in an exercise description

Hi everyone!

I just noticed a very trivial typo on an exercise description (in developer privileges on the C# track, the last example displays ["Anders" instead of {"Anders").

What is the current correct way to address such small issues? I noticed the team closed the GitHub community support so I didn’t submit a PR nor created an issue.


@ErikSchierboom maintains that track. If you’re 1000% positive, I think he usually appreciates PRs for that track.

Are you sure there should be anything there? That looks like a second key in the dict and not a list. You should triple check by printing the result from that function into the file if you do make a PR.

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Thanks for the answer!

Yup, the example displays the content of the Dictionary, with 2 entries: the first one is written in the correct form {key,value} but the second one (which key is Anders) is written in the incorrect form [key,value}:

// => {"Bertrand" = {"bert@ex.ism", {"blue", 0.8m}, ["Bertrand", "Paris", "France"]},
// ["Anders" = {"anders@ex.ism", {"brown", 0.85m}, ["Anders", "Redmond", "USA"]},

I think this should be replaced with

// => {"Bertrand" = {"bert@ex.ism", {"blue", 0.8m}, ["Bertrand", "Paris", "France"]},
// {"Anders" = {"anders@ex.ism", {"brown", 0.85m}, ["Anders", "Redmond", "USA"]},

But I might be wrong, so I’ll wait for anyone to confirm that I’m not telling nonsense before trying and opening a PR.

Is the number of { and } chars supposed to be the same?

I guess so, and I think you pinpointed something I didn’t see!

If the intent was to display the whole Authenticator.Developers Dictionary, I guess the correct formatting would be:

// => {{"Bertrand" = {"bert@ex.ism", {"blue", 0.8m}, ["Bertrand", "Paris", "France"]}},
// {"Anders" = {"anders@ex.ism", {"brown", 0.85m}, ["Anders", "Redmond", "USA"]}}}

If the intent was to display each item separately, a correct formatting would be:

// => {"Bertrand" = {"bert@ex.ism", {"blue", 0.8m}, ["Bertrand", "Paris", "France"]},
// "Anders" = {"anders@ex.ism", {"brown", 0.85m}, ["Anders", "Redmond", "USA"]}

I think the former is clearer, and in any case, I still think there’s an issue in the current formatting as the {} and [] are unbalanced.

The former seems to balance the { but I think the latter does not balance the brackets. Feel free to propose fix here with balanced brackets - ideally something generated by a program! I think Erik would welcome a PR.

I agree, I did another typo and forgot a { somewhere: that’s a nice way to validate your point that that should be generated by a program!

Thanks for your answers, I’ll consider submitting a PR.

Yep, appreciated and merged!